Reverend Henry A. Bass

First Superintendent at Lewis Chapel

Rev. Henry A. Bass (1822-1898) was the son of the Rev. Henry and Amelia M. Love Bass.  His father, also a Methodist minister, was a native of Connecticut; came to South Carolina and joined the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1812.

Rev. Bass was a member of the S.C. Conference 12 years.  He was a local preacher for over 40 years and served as Superintendent at Lewis Chapel for eleven years of which church he was a member.   Rev. Bass was the oldest of six children.    His sister, Amelia Martha Bass married the Rev. Sidi Browne, a pastor at Lewis Chapel 1854.



A learned man.  Holy and pure in life. His delight

 was to visit the sick and do good to all classes preaching and teaching.        

  Well done. Good. And faithful servant. 

           Buried in Lewis Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.