Pastors Records from 1855-1877


It is unfortunate Lewis Chapel has no official Pastor records during the years 1855-1877 possibly because of the ravages from the Civil War and its aftermath.  We do know that before 1855 and after 1877 our church charge was the Sumter Circuit until 1905.  Also we know that services were not interrupted during these years. The list of ministers for the years before 1878 is sometimes a matter of educated guesswork because minutes from the annual conferences did not list which churches were part of each circuit before that time. 


Below are the ministers who served Sumter or Sumterville Circuit during these years.  Although I can’t promise these ministers served Lewis Chapel Church, it is highly favorable . 


Sumter Circuit’s ministers:


1855   Julius J. Fleming, Robert W. Burgess

1856   Julius J. Fleming, James T. Munds

1857   Bond English

1858   Bond English

1859   Manning Brown, Robert B. Allston

1860   Manning Brown, Lindsay C. Weaver

1861   Alexander Smith, William Hodges

1862   Alexander Smith, John L. Sifly

1863   Paul F. Kistler and James P. DePass

1864   Paul F. Kistler

1865   John V. North

1866   Charles Taylor, Samuel J. Hill

1867   John W. Murray

1868   John W. Murray

1869   John W. Murray

1870   John W. Murray, Benjamin F. Dixon

1871   Samuel J. Hill

1872   Samuel J. Hill

1873   John A. Porter

1874   Lewis M. Little, William A. Rogers

1875   Lewis M. Little, William A. Rogers

1876   Lewis M. Little, John A. Stokes

1877   John C. Stoll, Felix Hartin


 Dr. Phillip Stone College Archivist WOFFORD 429 N. Church St. Spartanburg, SC 29303-3663